Computer Crashed after Windows Update - Cant Get to Safe mode Option.


My computer crashed after a Windows update. Froze on 21 of 27. Stayed there for over an hour. Would not power down. Maybe foolishly I pulled the plug. My batt power is so minimal it cut off quickly. After turning it on, and now conti ue to see the same thing every time:

Windows Startup screen - stays ther 2-4 mins.
Get sent staright to Black screen where my only options are Start w repair or Start normally.
Start normal - Startup Sceen shows for 3-4 minutes and it send me right back to black screen.
Startup Repair - On the "Startup Repair" screen,the "Searching for problems" bar just keeps running and running without any stop or progress. It never does anything.

I am absolutely stuck and have no idea what to do now. I cannot find how to either Restore or Start in safe mode which I think is my best option.

I know a bit about computers but not enough to figure this out. Any advice would really help deter my progression toward hysterics.

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  1. Boot from the Windows 7 "System Repair Disc" which you should have made when your PC was working okay.
    From the System Recovery Options, choose "System Restore".
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