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Hi, my internet speed has lately gone slow. I went onto and it says my Ping is 12, Download Speed is 18.96 Mbps and Upload Speed is 0.49 Mbps. Why is my Download Speed soo high but the Upload Speed is soo low ?. When I try to play online games like League of Legends and PS3 games my Ping is always off the chart and I cannot play without lag. Could someone please help me with this problem ?
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  1. reset your modem and router to see if it a hardware issues. check the network cable if your hard wired for bent or broken wires. try updating the network drivers. run malware scan to see if you have anything. try booting the pc in safe mode with network support to see if the error still there. if it is see if a friend has a spare pci network card or try a wifi dongle to see if the ethernet port itself went bad.
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    your internet may be slow due to following reasons
    - Your ISP (internet service provider) may be having issues with routing signals to you.
    - Your browser memory cache is so full, your browser has to slow down to allow for its limited hard drive space.
    - You might have spyware/malware infecting your machine, and secretly using your Internet bandwidth.

    You need to optimize browsers and internet connection.

    - First of all update the browser
    - Disabling The Firewall
    - Remove unwanted tool-bars and plug-ins
    - clear temp files
    - Deactivate background running services
    If you are unable to perform above tasks then use a single utility tool like PC Fresher that will not only fix windows errors but will also optimize Internet.
  3. Hi, I have also just noticed that when I try to see the Internet Connection by right clicking my WiFi Name, my Bytes Sent are alot lower than my Bytes Received. When I try to diagnose the problem it says it has resolved it but it is still the same, this must also have something to do with my Slow Internet Speed.
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