Can I crossfire APU iwth new R7-240 or R7-250 GPUs

I am building a new rig and I would like to get A10-6800k but then when I get some more money I will buy that brand new R7-250 AMD card so I wanna know if it is able to work in crossfire mode with iGPU 8670d ?
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    I found this...
    Not sure if a R7-250 works for xfire, but i guess it will not...
  2. my guess is it will, since the 7750 works (i currently have it crossfired myself). However, i dont think the r7-250 is any faster than the 7750 anyway. I'm more interested in crossfiring a 260x if its possible.
  3. The R7 250 is the 7730 GDDR5 the US never saw.
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