Is the MSI B85-G43 Gaming Motherboard a micro of a atx board?

Just wondering if this case is micro or atx or mini. I have no idea how to tell so some help would be nice. I cant find the dimensions so i cant really tell :l
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  1. i think its micro ATX. you can tell if its ATX or micro ATX by reading its specs. most vendor normally specifies wether its ATX micro or mini.
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    It is ATX. Go to the motherboards web page, and under specifications at the bottom (, it lists "ATX" next to "Form Factor."
  3. strange O.o at new egg i saw it was mATX >.>
  4. Newegg doesn't have the B85-G43 listed.

    They do, however, have the B85M-G43 (, which I assume is what you were looking at.
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