How can I upgrade my CPU and motherboard it hour reinstalling windows?

My friend built me a computer a year ago and since then he's kept my windows disk but lost the windows could I upgrade my computer without reinstalling windows 7? Or a way that doesn't use the cd key. That's my only issue that I know of. But there's one last problem. He builds computers for a living and the windows disk he gave me might not be the exact windows disk he used for my computer. Will this effect me at all? Thanks!
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    1: Use Speccy to find your key :

    2: Download a new ISO with that fits the key (Pro/Home edition)(They come Digital River and is 100% legit to download):

    3: User either USB or Burn it onto aDVD as install medie. For usb use this from Microsoft:
  2. You can try uninstalling all of the mobo-related drivers (and cleaning them out completely with something like Driver Fusion), replacing the mobo, and installing the new mobo's drivers. Though, it typically still does cause issues.

    Your best bet is what Dragoic explained. Try what he suggested, and if it works, choose his post as the best solution.
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