PSU is too big for Cooler Master Elite 130

Hey guys,

I was just about finished building my first HTPC when I finally installed the PSU. Cooler Master Elite 130 brags pretty heavily that it can handle any size ATX PSU and also supports water cooling... I have now found out that those two claims may be an "either/or" situation. Installing the PSU I feared I would damage the water cooling cables! Plus there was no room for all the cords (and after I spent all my time making sure to run all my cords really clean and well- it was pointless as there was a billion power unit cords that filled the box!). So I am in desperate need of a smaller PSU recommendation. I would love a modular one too. But I only have a budget of around $70 or less.
Here's what I need it to do:
Stay on 24/7 (So I'm assuming I'll need at least a Bronze certified one?)
Have the power to stream full 1080p and play emulators and some Steam.
and inthe future power a Blu ray drive

So here's my build right now
(Everything is installed in the case except the PSU)
Case -Cooler Master Elite 130
CPU - I3 3225
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Seidon 120M
SSD - Samsung 840
HDD - WD Green 3tb
Ram - Cosair 8 gb ddr3
PSU - Antec EarthWatts EA-380D Green 380 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply

I tried researching it on my own and I found this

Here are some photos of the mess I have now: (The Second pic really shows the strain on the cooling cords)

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  1. Silverstone Strider ST50F-P:

    140mm in depth (same as your antec), but modular.
  2. 170mm in depth.
  3. AxlFone said:

    Thanks for the replies. I did watch that video last night as I was installing everything. However he takes out the hard drive mount and case fan to give him more room to work with. He also does not plan on using the odd so he was able to put his SDD in there.

    I am wanting to leave the fan and hard drive mount installed as I plan to use them, and I also will be installing a ODD in the future.

    How much can you bend those Water Cooler Cords? The last thing I want is a leak! Anywho I think I need something smaller than my current PSU - or atleast not as long. Right now my current Antec psu is 3.4" x 5.9" x 5.5" (HxWxD) I assume D would be the same as length.

    I believe my problem is I need a module one but I also need one that won't come so far toward the front of the case. So I need the length to be shorter.
  4. You won't find one shorter than 140mm. At least not in ATX form factor.
  5. Bejusek said:
    You won't find one shorter than 140mm. At least not in ATX form factor.

    What about a ATX PS/3 case? Will that work with my build and are there any reputable ones? Here is what the Silverstone website says on it...

    "This form factor is compatible with ATX PS/2, the only difference is the shorter depth. Many have also called this the “Micro ATX” PSU form factor, which is incorrect as no such standard exists for power supplies.
    Standard dimension for this form factor is: 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 100mm (D)
    The depth for this form factor may vary from 100mm up to 139mm"

    Or what about a SFX? That seems to be a more reputable option - no?

    Is this a good one? Are there known better ones?
  6. Best answer
    Silverstone TEKs are good PSUs. There is not much choice in this segment unfortunately.

    SFX has smaller dimensions (all of them, not only length) than ATX, but Silverstone website says:
    Support standard SFX form factor and ATX via included bracket.

    I guess you could use it.
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