Please help me out...!!

I have questions regarding my PC build.As i'm at the brink of buying. =My full build
I'm reconsidering these parts:
1.i5 3570K to just i5 3570
2.ASrock z77 e4 to another equivalent H77(suggest me)
3.Cancelling out the hyper 212 evo.

What do i really need in my PC:

1.Gaming at near high settings[not ultra:no:] around 60FPS.
2.Programming in LINUX.I'll be keeping two OS.
3.Medium level of editing videos and photoshoping.

Game genre i like:
1.Racing(Dirst 3,f1 2013,shift2,grid2 etc...)
2.Role-playing(Mass-effect 2,3,assasin's creed 3,4,5)
3.FPS(B3,4;COD MW 3,4;crysis 1, 2 etc...)
4.Sports --One and only FIFA!!:bounce:

I've come with this overclocking issue:
I really don't want to take risk with the overclocking cause i stay in the region where the room temp. itself hovers aroung 30°c~33/35°c.
But my conscience keeps pulling me to overclocking thingy just to experience the extra power.

Will i be needing extra power to play those at that level??^^^^Or may be in coming days pushed to do so?

Final word--I want my PC to work all the upcoming game in the genre i like for atleast 3 years.

Please do reply.:)
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  1. Get a i5 4670 CPU, and one of the new z87 motherboards. The ASRock Z87 Pro3 is a good board. If your room is hot to begin with, consider getting water cooling. The Corsair models are good, and if your case supports it, get a 240 or 280 mm radiator. The more surface area, the more cooling. Good Luck!
  2. I have the perfect solution for you. Take a look at Digital Storm's BOLT custom-built PC. This baby is holy grail, man. There are like a million good reviews about this PC. This PC is your meant-to-be girlfriend. Completely stress-tested, and certified to handle intense computer stuff. Please take time to look through it. Check it out:
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