Ubuntu vs windows 7 file management for assignment, HELP PLEASE!!

I am doing an assignment which involves comparing two operating systems, (i am doing ubuntu and windows 7) i have become a bit stuck on the bit where i have to compare the file management of both of the operating systems. I cant seem to find any information online and obviously i don't want anybody to do the work for me because that would be cheating. so i wondered if somebody could just give me some tips on the things i should be thinking about and maybe a link that i could go to that will explain this for me.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
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  1. file management as in the filesystem layout? filesystem type (ntfs vs ext4)? file manager?

    don't really understand your question.
    be more specific...
  2. You'll want to read up on NTFS for windows, and EXT4 for Ubuntu. There should be some relevant information out there.


    That's a bit about NTFS from M$.


    That's a bit about EXT4 from Wikipedia


    That's a comparison of File systems from Ubuntu
  3. In Linux Everything is a file. Songs are files, Folders are files, processes are files.
    File extensions are irrelevant, e.g. renaming song.mp3 into song.hello would not make song unplayable.
    Paths to files are different. In windows, it's C:/, D:/, in Linux, main disk(C:) is usually just /, while your data disk(D:) is likely to be in /media/name/myDisk.
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