Best motherboard for intel core i7 4770

Hi thanks for taking the time to read this,
I have a intel core i7 and thinking to upgrade my motherboard what motherboard should i buy it has to be in canada and be future shop, best buy or NCIX. And it has to be under 75 bucks canadian thanks bye
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  1. You currently have the i7 4770? What motherboard do you have now?

    Also, why can't you order from Newegg?
  2. Bro im thinking of buying a motherboard. Can you find me one that works well with intel ore i7 4770. And i will buy it from newegg thats fine thanks bye.
  3. And my motherboard is the ASUS B5q-e and i just about forgot i dot have the i7 processor yet but planning on buying one. Can you please find me one that works well and is less than 75 bucks canadian and i can order from newegg thats totallly fine.
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    That would be a suitable motherboard. It's under $75 with shipping, but I'm not sure how much the sales tax will be.
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