how can i run two powerpoint presentations from one laptop to two different monitors . I am using VGA Cat5

I have two different powerpoint presentations. I need each one to run on two seperate displays in the foyer. I need to use only one laptop.
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  1. Put each presentation on one monitor or the other. Make them full screen. Run.

    Now...if you're looking for 2 external monitors from a laptop...that's a different story. Most laptops will only do one external display. Some may do it from a docking station.
    Or there are various USB video out solutions.
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    You could hook up two monitors from a laptop, if it has two external ports or if docked, then extended the desktop, then open up and position each presentation. Only issue you will, is that you cant run them full screen as it would naturally go over both displays.
  3. You are both spot on. The laptop they gave me only has one out I was stuck, not having done this before, or anything remotely like it. Wiring and set up was a piece of cake. I do have a port replicator but for some reason it will only recognize one port or the other. Not both at the same time.
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