Mobile Graphics and Ram Compatibility/Upgradability

I have a NP530u4c, it has an intel HM76 with a 3rd gen i5 337u + intel HD4000. It also has a nVidia GT 620M which sucks so bad.

Game debate for HM76:

Official Page :

I think it can accomodate another Graphic Card, I dont really care about warranty since its useless without a decent graphic card anyway~

Oh and no I cant really buy a new laptop :/
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  1. so this is a laptop? you cant upgrade the graphics card.
  2. Typically you can't replace the video card in a laptop.
  3. kgrevemberg said:
    so this is a laptop? you cant upgrade the graphics card.

    but since there is already the gt 620m and obviously there is the port , why there is no chance of upgradation ?
    and what about ram it has 6 gb ram and the motherboard can go upto 16
  4. lets say you are able to upgrade the card. you will need to somehow get a bigger power source in there also, no? ram in a laptop is plug and play so u can swap that out
  5. Having a GT620m does NOT mean it has a "port" (as you call it). In most cases they are solidered right onto the motherboard.

    You're linking to a generic chipset from Intel - not to the specific motherboard used by manufacturer.
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  7. namdlo said:

    Isn't that cut supposed to be the cut for the fan where the graphic chip sits underneath ?
    And Yea well even though thats a different model I think Samsung wouldn't leave space for upgrade *sighs dejectedly*
    As far as power consumption goes its optimus technology so I guess it doesn't matter a lot.
  8. Bottom line, its cant be done. Namdlo is giving concrete evidence.
  9. kgrevemberg said:
    Bottom line, its cant be done. Namdlo is giving concrete evidence.

    I guess well, so it'll go to trash. Anyway just for knowledge are mobility graphic card sold like the normal ones ?
  10. nope. in a way i guess if you search around but not in the same way that a regular gpu would be sold
  11. I've seen a handful of laptops over time where you could change the video card. Typically those are only ones where there were multiple options when you bought the item - Dell used to do this a LONG time ago.

    I wouldn't say the machine is "trash" but if you need a better video card then you're probably going to want to buy a different machine.

    This is one of the disadvantages of buying a laptop - limited upgradability. If you looking for something that'll "last longer" buy a desktop.
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