Best bookkeeping solution for a small business with multiple locations?

Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question.

My family owns and operates a small cleaning service and for years they've used a custom-built database to manage their bookkeeping and payroll. The database was built using Microsoft Access. Although quite tech-savvy, I know very little about databases or networking. My family had hired someone to create the original database over a decade ago. My family no longer wants to operate out of one small office and wants to be able to do work remotely from home and elsewhere.

My question is: what would the best solution be? I did some of my own research and the best idea i could find was Quickbooks' cloud database solution since they need the freedom to do work in many locations and from many different computers while making sure everything was always up-to-date. Other than that, the only other idea I could come up with would be to have a main server that the users could remotely access from other locations, but I am sure that might come with a lot of inconvenience. Is there any other solution that might be more efficient or cost-effective that I may have overlooked?

Thanks again!
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  1. You could run one server method and use a hardware or software VPN there is free software that would accomplish this like hamachi.
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    My upfront disclaimer is that I do not use the software I am mentioning, I just manage the "server" it is running on and make sure everyone can access it, etc...

    That said, Quickbooks in Multi-user Mode has been very easy to implement and maintain. It runs just fine on a win. 7 machine (with a good backup scheme). The cost is basically an additional user lic.

    Our setup is within a Win Server 2008 R2 environment, so the remote connection part is very easy, so that may be a sticking point in your case.

    Looked into doing the cloud route with Quickbooks, but for our situation where there are only 4 people connecting to the central "server", the cloud solution cost was much more expensive.
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