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I recently bought a NZXT Sentry Mix fan controller, which unfortunately made my fans have a very loud buzzing sound, upon further searching I realised that quite a lot of people had this issue, So i'm going to send it back.

Can anyone recommend me a different one?

I am powering around 12 fans (corsair sp 120's) and they would be running on low RPM.

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  1. I don't have a suggestion directly regarding the controllers, but you could find a fan controller with 6 that has sufficient wattage for two fans on each port, then buy cable splitters to connect all fans.
  2. That is what I had before, i wanted recommendation's so I know theres not going to be a problem
  3. I recently used 2 NZXT Sentry 2 touch-screen fan controllers.

    Supports 5 fan channels, uses 1 x 5.25" drive bay, fairly high power, easy to install, tempreature sensors with long leads, very pleased with the results. And it's only around $30.
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