Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX Issues? VIrus? Malware?

I was having an extrange behaviour with my computer, for the last 3 weeks or so the sound recording started to become noisy like some kind of interference, then i was unnable to record anything, i checked the drivers unnistalled them but nothing, after that the mouse i was using stopped working, suddenly, the light turned off and i wasn´t able yo make it work in any of the usb ports i had. Made a clean reinstall of the OS (Windows 7 64 bit) but the problem didnt solve, this motherboard has a dedicated usb port called Fatal1ty Mouse port, , and a UEFI Bios that i think is not dependant on the OS, but the mouse wasn´t working even in BIOS whenever i try to plug in into windows the OS started recognition but with no succes(unknown device) creating a loop on the common sound when you plug something into a USB port, but i tried the mouse in other computers and worked fine, with no problems. I decided that a BIOS update could be the solution , but nothing changed...the thing is after thinking it was a Mobo fault i decided to send it to the technical assistance and what was my surprise when i decided to do a test again being sure it wouldn´t work and "VOILA" the sound started working and i tried the mouse and it was recognized by the mobo with no problems, I did nothing, didnt change anything. Can someone explain to me what the heck happened?

PS: i tried several times before this solved to use drivercleaner/drivercleanup to fix old Usb ports cache and that kind of stuff, and before this and months ago i had this other problem
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  1. A complete reinstall of OS should be enough to clean what ever issues you would have had software based.

    What PSU are you using?
    Is the USB driver downloaded from the homepage/ Is it up to date.
  2. Well i am using a Corsair AX750 PSU, the usb driver actually doesn´t need any drivers just the USB 3.0 ports that were downloaded from the manufacturer´s web page
  3. 750w should be more than enough.

    I would recommend that you got Asrock to send you a new.
  4. Well the problem come randomly so i am afraid the support service check it and finds nothing wrong so i will have to pay the cost of the service. But can someone tell me what kind of problem did i have?
    Is it normal that something that wasn´t working suddenly start working like if it was magic?
  5. intermittently motherboard power delivery issues. or just intermittently motherboard issues.

    It is random and since you can't say when or were it happens.
  6. Can it be PSU issues? or just Motherboard problems? i must say that sometimes i had some electrical outages, could that be the reason i had supply problems to the USB ports? and why other mice were working properly and the usual not? sorry for so many questions but i need to have the more info possible before sending the mobo to the RMA, thanks for you attention
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    If you had issues with your PSU. I think you would have felt it a lot more. HDD going off and CPU not getting correct amount of volt and BSOD and etc. But if you have an extra PSU, it can't harm to test it out. Still I’m 99% sure that it is the MOBO. So far have I had 3 Corsair PSU’s. Not a single one of them are dead yet and they have never failed me.

    So I really doubt it is the PSU

    Not to get you to feel bad about your board. I hear Asrock makes a lot of great boards. But I also heard that from time to time some of comes with issues. On the other hand what bloody manufacture does not have issues? Even my Asus Maximus V Formula have some annoying usb 3.0 driver issues which just can't be fixed no matter what driver I install or OS I try.
  8. Oh, thanks for the advice, but is it normal that now is it working everything fine? its like the board fixed alone , but if you have read the post and the link to the old one as you can see this issue is not the first one.
  9. just saying. if it happens again make an RMA before it is too late to get that service on your board.
  10. Dragoic said:
    just saying. if it happens again make an RMA before it is too late to get that service on your board.

    Thanks! i will keep testing the system, i think i have a few months left, until Guarantee expire.
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