Downloaded netgear software, computer dying.

Was going to post this in networking but my issue now is trying to save my pc.

So, here is the product:

I don't have a cd drive. I copied the software files from the cd to my laptop, then copied to my flash drive. Then converted to my pc.

About 10-15 minutes after transferring this software to my pc, my computer started blue screening, internet browsers crashing over and over(Aw,Snap). Was unable to play video games. On reboots, my computer was not even detecting display adapters Saying no AMD driver can be found. Computer was freezing, and countless more problems that are continuing to happen.

I was on the phone with technical support for NETGEAR for 4 hours last night. Nothing has been fixed. Let alone could I understand the language being spoken.

I just built this computer 2 weeks ago. My first time building a pc and I am not very knowledgeable with software and hardware issues when they occur. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could lend a hand in figuring out what has happened to my pc.
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    All I can say is there are conflicts, remove the device and uninstall the drivers in device manager. If that fixes the issue then return it for a different product.
  2. Do you have all of these issues with the wireless USB card disconnected?
  3. Yes, I have uninstalled everything, problems still are happening. I even did a system restore prior to downloading all the software. It seems to have caused permanent damage somehow...? If I return the product that isn't going to fix my pc. That is my concern.
  4. The issue might be something else, like bad ram if you have two sticks try one at a time.
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