Which Graphics card for Windows / GIS / 1080p Video Playback (not games!)


I'm a very much a newbie here, but can remember Tomshardware from the old days (that's over 10 years ago).

Anyway, my current computer is a HP xw8600 with dual Xeon 5450, SSD Hard Disk and 16GB RAM. It has a basic NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 256 MB PCIe Graphics Card which I feel is slowing things down.

I am looking for a basic video card for Windows use. I use the machine more for GIS use, but in 2D mode (not 3D mode), but also plan to play videos - something which the NvS290 can't cope in 1080p/720p mode without having a fit.

What do people recommend?


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  1. What is your budget? For the uses described, you really don't need more than something like one of these GPUs:



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