Yet another R9-280X question - vs. a 7970.


Now I'm pretty sure that some of you will most probably be a little fed up with everyone asking about the new Radeon R9s. But I have a genuine problem, and you guys may be able to help.

Some of you may know about my recent history with graphics cards over the last few weeks. It all started at the end of August, when I bought a Gainward 670, which was RMAd for coil whine, then a 7870LE which was returned for noise reasons.

So, to the issue I have. To summarise, should I get a 7970 or a R9-280X? It's not as easy as one may think, because I have two options:
1) MSI Gaming Series R9-280X 3GB - £265 inc. Shipping
2) Asus DirectCU HD7970 TOP - £230 inc. Shipping

So, 1 or 2? I'm favoured towards option 2, but as always I'd love to hear from you guys.

Best Regards
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  1. Also, the ASUS 7970 Matrix is £260 inc. Shipping.
  2. Your issue maybe with noise so you may want to look up the reviews to see which one is the least loudest.

    Noise doesn't bother which is why I picked up 7870xt awhile ago and it does get loud for sure but once I get gaming I don't really hear it any more and alot of the times I have headset on for ts speech so that not an issue for me.
  3. Looking at all benchmarks the difference is so small between the cards. Especially the MSI and ASUS I would just go with which ever one you prefer on the combination of power consumption, temperature, noise, and price. I can't see regretting any of them. I would also recommend keeping in mind the sapphire vapor-x R9 280x as well.
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