6+2 and 6 pin PCIE cable question

I recently bought an AMD HD 7870 which requires 2 six pin PCIE cables and noticed that my HX620w psu comes with one 6+2 pin PCIE and another 4 Pin cable.

My question is whether i can use those 2 cables in combination to power the gpu?
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  1. you should have a cable with 2 6+2 connectors . Use that
  2. I should but i removed it originally cause i only needed one and misplaced it after :/
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    Hello Swiftdropkick,

    I did a quick search for you and found a page on Newegg listing a few types of power cables for PSUs:

    Could be a good start for finding the right cable for your PSU.
  4. Yea it seems i cant do much at this point so I ordered an additional cable. Thank you for the help
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