Best Monitor for triple monitor setup?

hey guys, new to the forum.
I want a triple monitor setup for my home office, I currently have one monitor, but I am buying 3 new ones because this one is ancient. I am a gamer and I want the setup to look fairly nice. I heard that thick bezels are a big nono, so im looking for a monitor thats good for gaming, has some thin bezels, are able to be mounted where one is facing me directly, and then theres one monitor on each side at an angle. almost like a half circle? lol. anyway, I'm not a budget so I'm looking for a fairly decent priced monitor. I was currently speculating the Asus vs248h-p. any suggestions would be great. This won't be just for gaming, it will be for my work setup as well.
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  1. What size monitors are you looking at?
  2. I'm looking at 24 inch approximately. I also am running a Galaxy geforce gtx 660ti. would that be good enough to run a triple monitor setup? I do not plan on gaming on all 3 monitors. Gaming on middle monitor, youtube on the other, and microsoft word or something on the third
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    The 660ti will run a three monitor setup. Gaming on it will definitely tax the card (will run med settings 1080p on all three). However, if you are only using the one in the middle for gaming then there will be no problem.

    Here's a great 24" display (I own one and it's super slick) -

    Btw - forgot to ask your budget for the monitors
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