Can a radeon hd 7970 run metro last light on max settings at 60 fps?

I might be able to actually afford this card... wondering if it is good enough to get last light to ultra on 60 fps... lowest I can go with is maybe 50 fps. Also, my specs are 8 gb ram, 6 core 3.5 ghz amd processor, 760gm-p34(fx) mobo, and 1920 x 1080 asus 27'' monitor. Can these parts run with the 7970 on a 600W power supply? Thanks for the help. Btw, the power supply is a corsair cx600..
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  1. Probablt, i run it on max with a gtx 580 blops edition and get good frames with ssaa off,tessalation off, quality Ultra, and vsync on,just keep drivers up to date
    ive got a simmalar build
    res 1900by1200
  2. No. That's based on the following benchmarks which maxes out everything. The test rig uses an Intel Core i7-4770K @ 4.2 GHz.

  3. Your PSU is fine for your rig.
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    Based on the following chart it seems you need a GTX Titan if you want to hit 60 FPS or two GTX 660 Ti SLI'ed. The chart show results for 1920x1200 resolution.

    Also, another graph shows that Metro is somewhat CPU dependent. I assume you have the FX-6300. It is kinda close to the FX-6350's clock speed so with a Titan or two GTX 660 Ti SLI'ed, 60 FPS should be possible.
  5. The difference between HIGH and ULTRA in games tends to be fairly minor.

    It's far more important to maintain a solid 60FPS VSYNC'd experience then it is to turn up the eye candy a bit and plummet into the 30 to 40FPS range at times.

    Simply turn on FRAPS to monitor the frame rate, VSYNC OFF (for now) then tweak until you're getting above 60FPS at least 90% of the time.

    Then turn VSYNC ON and enjoy the game.
  6. Thanks for the very helpful charts! I'm going to buy a 7970 and just play on high for next gen games most of the time. Not a big deal since after all I've been playing on low with bad fps my entire life(people under 16 often have trouble making money for a gaming pc, but now i can get a job, lol) so making the jump from 30 fps and low to 60 fps and high will stay fresh for a while.
  7. if you turn physx on high settings it will run like crap unless you have a nvidia card. Metro last light is a totally crap game anyway. I guess if you like having your hand held and watching cut scenes rather than playing the game......then its a good game.
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