Manufacturer wants to replace GTX 460 with GTX 760 for $111?

They will replace my dying GTX 460 with a free GTX 650 ti or a GTX 760 for $111.

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  1. Cool,i guess?
  2. Either one is good. The 460 is getting long in the tooth anyway. If you want to spend the $111, go for it.
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    What's the rest of your rig like? The 650 ti will be a pretty nice upgrade for free (something like 25% more powerful), but if the rest of your machine is up to it, the 760 would be awesome for $111
  4. That's a steal getting the 760 for $111 (I'd definitely do it).

    Btw - how long have you had the 460?
  5. I'm gonna go with the $111 GTX 760. Thanks for the advice.

    Also, I've had the 460 for three years (almost to the day).
  6. ^ nice!
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