Trying to install win 7 getting so many errors its unbelieveable! ran chkdsk says nothing is wrong

My homebuilt desktop was acting really crazy lately (first it was just getting random blue screens of death) and I figured it was because I had only updated windows once since I put it together about a month or two ago, so I updated and it started to act worse. My virus protection was getting shut off so I just thought it was a virus and got my usb stick out to do a full restore, a clean slate. I kept getting this error: 0x80070570, which I read was a memory problem. Well my memory is brand new so I hardly doubt that's the issue and the computer was working perfect for the two months it was together. So I reburned the windows to my stick and tried again. This time it got past 26%, but with a different error: \windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-ehome-mcglidhost_31bf385ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_05a2b72417ec1c6a
and it told me to run chkdsk. I closed the window, it popped up again I closed it and this error came up: D:\$Mft and said run chkdsk
So I ran chkdsk for c: drive, and it said no errors were found. I could run /r but not /p not sure if that's supposed to happen or not...
Tried to run chkdsk on d: drive but I think it's just my usb stick so I didn't...
What on earth has happened to my computer and how can I fix it??
EDIT~Just tried to do it again got a weird error: Exception Processing Message 0xc0000102 Parameters 0x752B57EC, and that last part repeated itself four times
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  1. Start with the memory. How new it is is irrelevant, electronics can fail at any time. Download Memtest86 (, burn to CD, and run no fewer than 3 complete cycles on each stick of RAM individually in each slot. Follow that with pairs, alternating order and banks between tests. If there are 4 sticks then finish up by testing all 4, changing the order of the sticks between tests. Be prepared for this to take a long time.

    If, by chance, you are overclocking, return everything to stock clocks and voltages.
  2. Not overclocking, but how can i run it on a usb stick (i dont have cd drive) and at what point in startup should I run it and how? I dont have an os to run from...
    And I got another error says D:\windows\winsxs corrupt but I thought d: was my usb stick?
  3. try this pull one stick of ram see if the system works better or worse if it gets worse swap the dimm. in the bios make sure mb set to default. try your hard drive in another system fdislk it and run hdtune to check for errors.
  4. Hi,
    Testing your memory is absolutely the first step as discussed. STOP. Do not continue until done.

    The information on how to burn to USB is at this site but create it from a DIFFERENT PC. If it can last 10 minutes without errors chances are it's not a memory problem.
  5. I can't figure out how to run memteser/memtest86 anything like that on my UEFI. I don't seem to have a bootloader?
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