USB or PCI wireless network adapter?

Good Day to all,

i was planning on buying a wifi receiver for my desktop and i was kinda confused which one should i buy, i just planned to eliminate my lan cable for cleaner workstation at home

- better signal reception
- performance
- connectivity

Thank for your replies
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    Either should work fine.

    While there is a difference in performance pretty much all wi-fi products won't exceed the bandwidth cap provided by the network provider.

    For example, my network cap is somewhat low (725KBps) but my cheap $30 USB receiver can communicate at well over 2MBps (2048KBps) down TWO levels to the base receiver so I'm well over that.

    For VIDEO it's a different story. I was going to stream movies from a drive up here to my media receiver but this proved insufficient so I went back to using the ETHERNET cable for that.

    My Bell Gateway was also bottleneck so I bought my own ROUTER (and MODEM) to sort out streaming video. I actually have ETHERNET from top-floor to basement and wi-fi for twenty feet. I wanted to go wi-fi only but the really good wi-fi USB adapters were both expensive and not on the approved list form my Western Digital device (PC's have no such issue in general as drivers are supplied).

    Wi-Fi signal strength:
    1. Drops off by distance
    2. Drops off by obstruction
    3. won't matter if network bandwidth is lower
    4. Can vary by the wi-fi receiver

    *So unless you have bandwidth requirements that require a good solution, just go buy a $30 USB adapter rather than a more expensive PCIe device with triple antennae etc.
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