Motherboard Compatable with GTX 760, and AMD FX-6300???

I recently purchased a rig with the gtx 760 and a fx 6300 with an MSI 970A G46 mobo, and it wouldnt give me any video to boot into the BIOS to install windows. So I sent that mobo back because i assumed the 760 needed a pci 3.0 interface, but now I'm second guessing myself. Can someone help me?
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  1. That motherboard does support an FX 6300 but it needs the newest BIOS installed. Some motherboards ship with older BIOS that won't work with newer CPUs. The GTX 760 will work perfectly fine on PCI 2.0, that wasn't your problem. The 760 could have been faulty but it seems to me that the board's BIOS probably needed an update to support the FX 6300.
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