need help building my first gaming PC - complete noob

When are you purchasing the parts ?
now or by the end of january next year.
moving to a new apartment in next year, so getting the PC then might be a good idea.
What is your budget ? 800-1000 (excl monitor), or more or less, quite flexible really, but i'd prefer not to overkill stuff

What are your needs ? runs recent games smoothly at highest setting

Your expectations from the PC :

Your location : indonesia

Your preferred sellers/websites : none in particular

Your part choices :

Are you upgrading or taking parts from any older PC/laptop ?

Why are you upgrading ?

Your current PC specs :

Do you plan to upgrade this PC ?

Do you need a OS or any other software ?
yes please

Do you need any Monitor ?
yes please 21"-27", that can make use the most of the PC, again no overkill dont need 4k res monitor)

Do you need any peripheral ?

Any other notes : i also go for looks, soo help me pick something that looks nice (both the monitor and the PC).

thank you very much. and again, im a complete noob, an explanation for the choices would be VERY much appreciated.

i understand most of you might have no clue about sellers in indonesia, so dont bother looking into this. I'll a newegg/amazon reference will do.

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  1. You want your GPU and CPU to be equal to avoid bottlenecking, plenty of RAM (16gb), a power supply capable of handling that, and a motherboard that supports it all. You need a harddrive to store information and an SSD to put your OS and games on. That has all of that. If you feel that is too much you can drop the SSD (it isn't completely necessary) and get a 7950 instead of the 7970 and save around $50.
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