Can a 450 watt psu handle a Radeon 7950

Card I've picked out for an upgrade:

I have a 450 watt psu.

Cpu: Ivy Bridge i7(stock fan)
8gb ram
One case fan
1 tb Hitachi hdd
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  1. What is the PSU exactly AMD recomend 500watt PSU anyways
  2. Yes it can... as long as it's a good PSU.
  3. Its a hp 460 watt psu

    Anyway i can post a pic of it on here ?
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    Not if it's an OEM. Every "performance" OEM I've ever seen uses the same "460w" PSU-- they're 50/50 as far as working under half that load. Get this unit.
  5. The AMPS also have to be enough as well
  6. Will this work I'm in Canada and on the Canadian site it adds another $20 of shipping this doesn't and it is modular
  7. Yes, that's fine.
  8. cuecuemore said:
    Yes, that's fine.

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