Computer won't turn on! HELP! CPU Overheating

So I went to turn on my Desktop after shutting it down a few hours before today and a few seconds after turning it on there was a high pitched beep and a low pitched beep around half second of each other. After that it went to a blank screen with an underscore (like the one when you boot your computer) and froze.

I know this might not be any help, but I can't replace parts as I only have this one desktop and it's a spaghetti monster :P

Any help would be much appreciated.

EDIT: I found this website and 2 beeps means something is wrong with the RAM. I have 2 modules which means if 1 was failing, wouldn't the other still work?

EDIT: Looking at another website, not knowing it which bios manufacturer I have, it could be the RAM or the CPU. Wouldn't the computer just not turn on if it was the CPU? Because I hit the bios screen the first time.
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  1. If restarting are you getting the underscore?
    The storage drive might have failed.
  2. alexoiu said:
    If restarting are you getting the underscore?
    The storage drive might have failed.

    I tried reinstalling the drive and that didn't work.
    And to make matters worse the bios won't open now with a continuous low then high beep.
  3. I left it for around 10 minutes, took out a module of RAM and it booted with 2 messages.

    1. Something about the CPU Overheating
    2. Something about the CPU unexpectedly turning off.

    I'm off to go reinstall the CPU and the Fan, I'll let you know the results.
  4. The Culprit was one of the little peg things for the fan wasn't in properly which caused the CPU to hit 80-90 degrees idle.
  5. Thank you for the follow up.
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