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Hello, My name is Nick, and im having problems setting up my home media server. Basically I am trying to hook my computer up to two modems, so that I can have Internet Access on the computer, and logged into the media server 24/7. Anyway, heres a diagram of what Id like to happen:
.........................<--> Media Server [Wired] (old netgear modem) <--> My TV Set -- [No Internet]
My Computer <
.........................> <--> [Wireless] Modem <--> Internet
Dads Computer

The problem is, that when I connect the Ethernet cord to my computer, my computer places that connection at number one priority, cutting off my internet access. I was wondering if there is anyway around this. Also, heres a picture to better explain the problem.
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  1. Turns Out, Microsoft knew what to do:

    When more than one network connection is available, Windows uses the one with the lowest metric value. By default, it automatically assigns a metric value based on the network connection's rated speed. See An explanation of the Automatic Metric feature for Internet Protocol routes .

    To force Windows to use a specific network connection, assign a metric value to each one, giving the lowest value to the desired connection:

    1. Open the Network Connections folder (Start > Run > ncpa.cpl)
    2. Right click the desired connection.
    3. Click Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4.
    4. Click Properties > Advanced.
    5. Un-check "Automatic metric".
    6. Enter a number between 1 and 9999 for the "Interface metric".
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