AMD FX 6300 VS i5 4440 which one for budget


My budget is, well the lower the better. I want to keep the cost low.

Assuming i m going to get a GTX 660 and 4gb ram etc, which CPU should i go?

I m waiting for GTA 5 on PC as well as the witcher 3. I also play oblivion and skyrim modded heavily. And i would definitely use this rig for future games.

Now here in Australia the FX6300 is about 130-140 but the i5 4440 is around 220. Thats about 90$ difference.

Should i get the FX 6300 or i5 4440? How much difference is there actually on lets say, open world games?
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  1. The Core i5-4430 will overtake the FX-6300 in open world games, but by a good margin. If you are looking for budget, go for the FX-6300 and overclock it using a CM Hyper 212 EVO and this -

    Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P AM3+ Motherboard -
  2. The 6300 is good for games and great when overclocking. It can probably exceed the 4440 when overclocked, and new games will be core dependent making the 6300 the better choice.
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