Program keeps installing itself randomly.

Well a program Tiny Mediaplayer along with it's chrome extension Applon keeps reinstalling itself. Been trying to get it to stop but haven't been able to. Tried uninsalling, deleting any files I found related to it, looked in processes/services. However none of that really helped. It also appears to install on startup however I found nothing in msconfigs startup that seemed suspicious.
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  1. Seems like a rootkit. Kaspersky makes an excellent rootkit remover(best of all FREE!). Download and run it. Direct Download Link:

    If that doesn't help i suggest downloading malwarebytes free via here:
  2. No threats were found by either. Thanks for the advice however.
  3. In services.msc you havn't found anything in there relating to the program?
  4. Nope, have not found anything that I didn't recognize either.
  5. Would also like to point out that it closes my Chrome whenever it randomly installs. Is there any program to see processes that load? The installer only lasts about 1-2 seconds so I can't point out where it's coming from.
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    There is a program called process explorer that helps break down every service that is running to let you determine what processes have sub-processes and what they are. Link:

    I'm wondering if its a toolbar or add on via chrome, but then again alot of programs close your browser while the installation takes place.

    having windows 7, i wonder why the UAC doesn't prompt you before it goes ahead and installs automatically.
  7. Did you ever fix it ?
  8. im having the same problem everytime when I play a game or shut down my laptop and turn it back on usally the same programs keep installing by them selfs and when I delete the program it keeps coming back its getting rediculis(sorry about my spelling)how do I fix it don't remember how it started in the fisrt place.
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