SSD Gone Bad?

Hi guys, I need some help regarding my SSD drive. The drive is a Corsair Force GT 120GB and worked well for about 6 months, but today it's acting funny. What happens is I boot up my computer and it goes to the desktop as usual, then it freezes and the drive disappears from the bios until I manually turn off and on the pc.

I can access the SSD when booting from another drive, but it disappears after some use as well. I tried changing the sata port and the power supply port but it still does the same thing.

Is this a sign that the drive has failed? I hope I can take a backup.

Thanks for reading.
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    Yes that seems like a sign of a failing drive, and since it has not totally fail you i would recommend trying(if you can) getting a system image out of it. If you can't im afraid i don't think your programs and stuff will be recoverable. BUT since you can connect it to another pc you will be able to pull your pictures music movies and documents off of it.
  2. Update your motherboard's BIOS to its latest version. Also update your SSD to firmware version 5.05a.
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