new desktop for photo editing: from AMD to Intel i7, which i7 to choose?

Hi everybody,
first of all thank you for your activity!

I have a quite new rig but I am not a player.
I am using it for intensive photo editing (Lightroom and Photoshop).
Lightroom is very demanding in terms of power when catalogs are big enough.
I have a Phenom II X6 1055T processor with a basic motherboard from Asus (M4A89GTD PRO), 16GB RAM Corsair DDR3 1600 and a decent graphic card Radeon HD6450 with 2Gb RAM.
64GB SSD from Kingston (plus 1Tb WD for stocking photos), ATX Antec 300 tower, Thermaltake PSU (500W - TR2 Bronze),...
I would like to test a new enviroment, with intel i7 based cpu.
Do you think is a good idea or I won't see much difference?
Could you suggest me a good combination of this cpu, with a good motherboard, and maybe ram + graphic card? I am willing to spend at most £700, VAT included. If possible £500 ;)

Thank you for your answer.
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  1. If your programs are CPU intensive and are using all your PhII x6's cores, a 4930k is your best upgrade cpu wise. I am not familiar with the software you are using, but if they make use of a GPU, then that might be the better option over an i7.

    Edit* You also might want to read this if you haven't already.
  2. Hi, I checked quite a lot and it seems that in Lightroom cpus are intensively used only when exporting photos (converting them into jpgs, videos, ...).
    But having 6 cores...I don't even notice. It's the time spent rendering on the screen or loading metadata from a catalog file that seems always too much.
    Photoshop uses cpus almost always when processing some filter, creating animation, panoramas, ... but it does not bother.
    Since memory, cache and ssd disk are quite reactive, I thought maybe a more powerful cpu could also help.
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  3. Sounds like a decent sized SSD is your better option over a new CPU. A HDD is always a bottleneck when loading and moving files, I doubt a new CPU would help you much in those areas. Also, are you running it in 64bit mode? (Reading a few more performance notes)
  4. I know by heart that adobe link :) I did everything they suggest and honestly can't see much difference between the different option.
    The advantage is that I can keep my photos on the big hd and load catalogs on the ssd.
    I might give it a try for a new ssd, maybe a Crucial with 128Gb (any other brand to suggest?).
    If anyone has further ideas please let me know, thanks!
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