My Gaming PC is good enough for next gen?

so I´m planning to build a gaming pc, my max budget is 2300dollar, and I came up with this one: and I have some questions about it: will this pc run games like BF4 with ultra graphics? do I need a sond , wireless and wired card or will they all come in the SABERTOOTH MOBO? and HEY i´M A NEWBIE,that would be my first pc build!! do U think I should change something? I will be using this pc for video editing and next gen games (that´s why the 32gb RAM, and they are cheap,so I´m not buying the 16gb RAM).
If U have any suggestion or better idea please tell me, and if I´m doing something wrong PLEASE correct me! hhaha thanks!!
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    I would wait for Oct 15 for the review on R290x which should price the same or lower then the 780
  2. Thats really good for your first build. HOW COULD IT NOT MAX BF4!!! It can max watch dogs.
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