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How do I remove malware (trojan) virus??!!

I have an FBI malware virus on my Toshiba laptop. I am running Windows 7. When I reboot in safe mode I get a black screen with "safe mode" in all four corners and a message that reads "Microsoft (R) Windows (R) (Build 7601:Service Pack 1) at the top of the screen. When I wait a very long time, atleast 10 minutes, I still can't access the menu by moving my cursor in the lower left corner of this screen, How do I remove this virus. I do have MS Security Essentials installed on my computer but I can't access anything from my user. PLEASE HELP!!
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  1. malwarebytes works really well.
  2. How do I access it since I my computer is locked up?
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    Go here and download the AVG Rescue CD. Burn to CD and then boot from it. When asked, allow the tool to update and then complete a full scan of your system. Remove all it finds. Good luck!
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