Need a Mid-End 600 Dollar Budget PC Build

I have heard that building a gaming PC is cheaper than buying a gaming PC and it can also be faster. I've been looking around and I'm thinking of either getting the AMD FX-6300 cpu or the AMD FX-8350 with the AMD Radeon 7850 2gb or the MSI R9 270x 2gb as my graphics card. I hope to have at least 64 gb of ssd storage or 128 gb if I can afford it with 500 gb of hdd storage.

I play Minecraft a lot and I want it to play with the best settings on with at least 80+ fps. My hopes are that the computer can run BF4, Bioshock Infinite, Watchdogs, GTA V, and other graphically demanding games on medium settings 1080p with about 30+ fps.

I am new at PC builds and this will be my first. Is it possible for me to get the FX-8350 and the Radeon 7850 2gb or the MSI R9 270x 2gb for around 600 dollars (including windows) if I order during Black Friday or Cybermonday? Suggestions for a build or any kind of advice would be very helpful. :)
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  1. This site offers a number of builds at various price points along with benchmark comparisons.

    Use this as a baseline.,3617.html
  2. This is a very good build but I'd like to know if you think that I can get the same thing for about 100 bucks cheaper during black Friday or Cybermonday
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    You most likely will be able to find some of the things that much lower.
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