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Hello Everyone,

If you have seen or helped on my other posts you know that I recently purchased an i7-3770k.
Using this cooler:
Apevia DreamerX4 Case
and Zalman STG2 thermal paste at load I am getting close to 80 degrees!

I have the CPU overclocked to 4.2Ghz while all cores are active and 4.4Ghz when only 1 or 2 cores are active. For voltage, my CPU seemed to have a default voltage of 1.160 according to CPUz. With motherboard controls I set the voltage to +.004, and the CPU offset to -.005 so that the motherboard is not automatically changing my volts. The overall change in CPU voltage is negligible at -.001.

Anyone who has used an i7-3770k I would really appreciate to know your temps and setup to compare. I just feel that my CPU is running far to hot at load than it should be, but I could be wrong.

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  1. I have a 3770K, and I have it at 4.4Ghz all cores. My idle temps hover around 30-35C and at full load with Prime95 it usually hovers around 75-80C with my Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus. I can't remember my exact settings in my BIOS, but at load the voltage is steady at 1.2V. What kind of temps are you running that have you worried?
  2. Ok just noticed you said 80 degrees. Assuming that is Celsius. If those temps are during a torture or stress test, then you are fine. Your PC will rarely if ever stress your CPU, during daily usage, to the point that a stress test does. So the temps you reach during Prime95 are no indication of what your PC will be running day to day. In my experience, as long as you stay around the 80C mark at full load, you are fine.
  3. Thanks both of you for replying with helpful solutions. Sorry for the slow reply.

    I was concerned because I felt getting around 85 degrees Celcius was a little for the level of overclock I was at and without any voltage increase. I was concerned maybe the CPU was producing more heat than it should, however if that sounds about right with you guys then I am not so concerned now. Both of you seem to get around the same temps and honestly you have better coolers than I do. Though bdiddytampa is running at a higher voltage than me also, but I suppose it is working perfectly fine.

    Thanks again :)
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