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hi :D
i'm building a new rig for games like bf4 and the top games in graphic so i was going to get i5 3570k then some ppl told me that next gen games like bf4 will use more then 6 cores so i have to get i7 or amd 8350 i choose the amd cuz the price is good for me

so what i'm asking :
is that right about the next gen games will use more then 6 cores ?!
and if it is should i get i7 or it's oky if i go with 8350 ?!
if it's wrong or right about cores does 3570k doing good jop with games like bf4 beta same as 8350 !!?
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  2. rgd1101 said:

    so ur telling me that there is no best answer :v cuz every one saying different things ppl saying that amd is better other not and different benchmarks :(
  3. yes, nothing is absolute.
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