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Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse 2013-2014

Last response: in Components
October 11, 2013 9:38:39 AM

Hey guys what do you think is the best gaming keyboard and mouse?

A keyboard perhaps with antibacterial coating on the keys, ones that don't shine even after years of use, ones that are softer not too hard as WSAD-ERFGTBVCXZQ keys are going to be used a lot typically for games like World of warcraft/ Aion/ all sorts of PC games. For Mouse maybe something better than Logitech G9X laser and better than Logitech G510 gaming keyboard.

Key's mustn't be too high up or springy, mustn't give that too much clicky sound, must never shine if possible because the shine bit makes my fingers slide too easily, and It doesn't look good when some keys are matte some are shiny like the ones are used often like wsad.

Strange thing is I always use keyboard with clean hands and no matter what eventually the ones I use often start to get shiny because of my natural oil in the fingers? So I started to clean my keys with 99.9% Isopropryl alcohol it helps a bit but still keys are shiny.

What would you say is the best keyboard and Mouse for games 2013 or new a keyboard and mouse on wish list set in 2014? Taking into account the above I've mentioned?
a b 4 Gaming
October 11, 2013 9:48:45 AM

Sounds like you might want a keyboard with either MX reds or MX blacks. Perhaps with O rings. Don't know about the height of the keys though.
October 12, 2013 3:01:15 AM

never heard of MX reds or MX blacks O rings? Are they logitechs? Actually I think I also prefer more softer clicks on the keys more silent that is. Oh and I don't have a problem with price if its really worth it that is.

edit- Well I still need HELP lol although I found a decent mouse the Logitech G600 I think its called Logitech MMO mouse in white looks pretty good too with over 20 buttons on it. When you get used to it, its great for massively multiplayer online games. Now all that's left is the keyboard I need one with not too clicky on the keys more silent, Anti reflective matte and protection against sweat, oil, rubbing off on the plastic as this shine's the keyboard and reflective letters start to happen in the light and then I can't see them, also they feel worst than matte, slippery in fact. and I need the keys not to be too high, a Gaming Keyboard any ideas anyone? To note I already have the G510 Logitech gaming keyboard but its gone shiny on me besides I need new one for the laptop.

And need it to be perfect for the above notes. Please note aesthetics are important to me but not as important as finger oil protection rubbing off key's causing shiny keys, Back lighting I forgot about that but not the style that shine on the outer keys, only inside the key should shine like the logitech G510 does it or better, and more silent stealth key touches with a smaller height when pressing the keys down than say Logitech G19 as that was ridiculously high and clicky sounding compared to the G510 logitech.
November 15, 2013 8:07:52 AM

Thanks guys I ended up going with Logitech G510s with its extra coating on the keys wsad and arrow keys are highlighted the palm rest pad is made of a soft plastic same as the keys sweat and finger resistant material, its not bad but I wonder how long it lasts. Its a shame the keyboard isn't mechanical.

the mouse Logitech G600 mmo mouse with 12 buttons on the side is insane for massively multiplayer online games.