Best Graphics Card for under £80???

I'm looking for a cheap, good graphics card which would be suitable to play next-gen games on low settings over 30fps. Also, does VRAM matter much for gaming? thanks :)
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  1. I'm not familiar with any of the UK websites :-P what sites would you be ordering from? If you post a link to a site you want to order from I'll find a card that will fit your budget :-)
  2. I'd go with this card, it's on sale for 84 euro and is probably the best steal right now -

    Also, your question about vram. Yes it matters for gaming (especially for how high of a resolution you want to play at). In a sense, the more vram the better.
  3. Thanks, but should i go for a 2gb graphics card, i might get the 2gb 7750 instead as it can run bf4 low settings at 40 fps
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    It is not going to make a weaker card stronger to have more ram on it. The HD7770 will always outperform the 7750 and it will play BF4 on lowered settings,3634-6.html
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