Is my gtx 660 good enough for bf4?

I do assume it is, but I want to be sure, does anybody know? thanks.
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    A gtx 660 plays BF4 on 1080p with high settings with a minimum of 51 fps on the benchmark Tom's ran:,3634-7.html

    So yeah, your 660 will handle BF4 just fine! Ultra settings are dicey: It drops down to about 30fps. But high is good. Enjoy!
  2. Agree at 1080p you should be able to get playable frame rates with mid-high settings just fine. While you may not get 60fps you should be able to get playable fps anyway.
  3. cpu will be more critical on bf4 multiplayer than the gpu, so yes it will be fine, so long as you have a good, quad core i5 for intel or 8 core for amd, CPU. Toms bench wasnt run on a 64 player map, which is very cpu intensive, so their results dont show this, another site tested a 64 player map and concluded the i5 or better or 8 core amd cpu gave much better fps. I tried the game on mine with only one gtx660 enabled, high settings it ran quite well, very playable35-60fps, on medium settings its dead smooth 60fps with vsync.
  4. I know this is an old thread, i oced my gtx660 to 1254 mhz stable.
    I can play bf4 1080p on ultra with 60-80 fps , sometimes drops to 50 fps.
    I just ordered a gtx970 maybe its a waste of money
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