Buying windows 8 OEM, can I upgrade to 8.1 even if its not installed till after release?

Hi, I am building a computer for my senior project and I plan on using windows 8 OEM but I wont be able to install my CD till some time next month when I complete my pc. With windows 8.1 scheduled to release on October 16th (I think), Does this mean I won't be eligible for the free 8.1 update since my windows 8 wasn't installed before the release? Even if i purchase it today (before the 8.1 release)?

I'm worried because I'm already close to my budget ceiling and windows 8.1 does not have an OEM version and also costs more.

Thanks ahead of time,
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    You should be fine. I think.
    The Win8.1 upgrade is not mandatory, and I plan on waiting a few weeks after release before upgrading my main machine.
  2. Yes 8.1 will be available as a service pack to 8.
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