should i underclock (3770k @4.5 atm)?

Hi forum. I have tested my chip (3770K) and i found its a very bad one as i read on this forum that there are some people with the same cpu who got stable at 4.6 with 1.2volts.

Im using Noctua DH14 triple fan, good airflow on the case too.

So im currently at 4.5ghz and i need 1.38volts (reaches 1.4 coz of LLC on ultrahigh) to be stable, it crashes at 1.375volts in few mins so 1.38 is what it needs. It reaches a max temp of 98celsius under 8 hours at full load. Under normal usage (gaming) it doesnt exceed 75.

I must say too that to be stable at 4.3ghz it needs 1.265volts and max temp is 90celsius.

So having that info, i honestly want my cpu to last 3-4 years at least. So i came here to ask more experienced people what do you think.

Thats alot!
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  1. My guess is that you won't notice a difference if you leave your chip at stock. Try going back to stock settings and see if your experience gets slower. I wouldn't run that many volts through an Ivy for very long. And 98 is really hot. My 3770k hits 4.5 at 1.25 volts and tops out at 81c in p95 with a Corsair H80 in a mini-ITX case. I don't run it OCed simply because I don't notice a difference in 95% of the things I do with it. Either way, if you want your chip to last, get those volts down.
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