CPU may bottleneck gpu?

Will my a10 5700 quad core bottleneck me in gaming? Im planning on getting gtx 760 which is in the higher middle class i believe and currently have that a10.
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  1. I think there may be some, but how much, don't know. Shouldn't be too bad though as I have seen some much worse combos that did okay.
  2. If i were to get an after market heat sink and oc would that reduce lag? While playing games such as far cry 3, battlefield 4 beta, bf3, crysis 3, in the task manager my usage is usually at 90%, is that something to be concerned of? \

    EDIT: oc to 4ghz
  3. You are using a lot of CPU. You didn't say what your graphcs were in your post. It sounds like you could be bottlenecking your processor as it is. I would make sure you are running or running as little as possible in the background when gaming. There are some games that will rely more on the GPU and others the CPU. I think BF4 may be CPU intensive.
  4. The reason why im upgrading is because I have a 7570, the worst of the currents gen amd cards.

    do higher video settings work the cpu as much as i t would for lower settings?
  5. Yeah. The 7770 was a much better card in that series. The one thing you didn't mention was what PSU you are running, as that GTX 760 will probably require more than that card you have in there now.
  6. You will definitely hold back a 760, especially on the CPU heavy games you have listed.
  7. Im going for a 600w corsair, how much will cpu affect fps
  8. Seeing as how that CPU is an APU and has it's own Graphics. that 760 will definitely be held back. Better to have an FX CPU . I dare say a Phenom II x4 965 BE and above would do as well if not better than that CPU. The processor you have is a good processor, for what it was designed for, but it isn't for heavy gaming.
  9. If i oc will it help?
  10. It isn't so much the processor speed as it is the architecture of the processor itself. If you OC, you will have to keep a close eye on the temps.
  11. And how about the amd a10 6700k? Would that be enough? Dont want to get a new mobo...
  12. I was just looking at some stuff on that. That appears to be a pretty stout processor. To be honest, I need to get a little more up to speed on the AMD stuff as I use Intel for my builds. If you get a FREE copy of Far Cry 2 or 3 ( forgot which ), then it has to be pretty decent to run that.
  13. So that would work well with a 760?
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    From what I saw on Newegg, it appeared that they were pplaying Far Cry 3 using the integrated graphics on the a10 6700k. If that is the case, then the dedicated card could only make it better. That processor is 3.7 Ghz and with turbo, can go to 4.4 Ghz. Not bad.
  15. My cpu is the older generation and 65w and i use a 7570, but when im gaming cpu isage goes up to 90%, would getting that one but using dedicated be fine?
  16. Always helps to have a newer generation CPU to keep up with the newer generation games.
  17. Ok thanks
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