Kraken x60rl vs. h110 vs. h100i

I was wondering which one of these is the best. Sound doesnt matter to me really. Also whichever one is the best how high could you overclock with it on an i7 4770k.
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  1. The X60 is way better than any Corsair unit. It's a 280 and the Corsairs are 240s, so if you can fit the Kraken then go with it.
  2. What type of overclock could I get with it
  3. Also will it fit in a fractal designs r4 case on the kraken
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    Yes, it will fit in that case. I don't know anything about overclocking Haswell, but I'd guess that you'd be able to hit 4.5 with the Kraken and maintain 24/7 temps.
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