Will the Cooler Master Seidon 120M fit a lga 1150 socket 4th gen i5.

Hi all new egg has a seidon 120mm fan on sale for 60$ with a 30$ rebate and i really wanted to get that liquid cooler to upgrade from the stock air cooler that comes with my i5 4670K. The specs dont mention fitment with 1150 but i thought i recalled someone on toms say 1155 and 1150 coolers all fit the same so i wanted to make sure before i pulled the trigger on this cooler. Also as a side question thats not as important but the reviews seem to say this is a good cooler so i just was wondering what everyone thought of it here on toms. Thanks in advance i am always grateful for any help i get:)
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    1150 and 1155/1156 have the same hold spacing. So it will fit.
  2. Awesome thank you so much for the help:) I thought that was right but i thought it would be better to be safe than sorry.
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