sound not playing through any speakers but only through a tv connected via HDMI. help!

i have a asrock z75 motherboard, 6850 gpu, an i5 etc.

everything has been "working" for 2 years now. ive always had my hdmi from my 6850 plugged into my 1080p tv. the sound always would come out of the tv because i never had speakers. well recently my tv broke and i got a monitor and a set of speakers. the monitor works great but i cant get sound from my speakers no matter what i do.

ive tried :
-making sure everything was plugged in
-deleted previous audio drivers and downloaded new ones
-deleted audio drivers, restarted comp and then plugged in speakers and let them install the software.
- removed the graphics card and just do everything from the motherboard and still no sound.
-tried a different set of speakers and headphones.

i dont know what else there is to do except reformat my computer. i really dont want to have to do this unless its the only way and that ill know it will work.

does anyone have any advice? or ideas?
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    First make sure your audio is enabled in Bios. make sure you have Realtek ALC892 or what ever that board have as your main audio device and make sure the analog audio is selected big chance its sending audio to digital. except bios all other settings are through windows if still it don't work burn a live linux CD/DVD and see if the audio play when you boot through it. Many other ways to test whats going on.
    Good luck
  2. Did u go into windows sound settings and select default output as speakers?
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