How much fps would i loose picking a AMD FX-8350 over a Intel Core i7-3770K

Trying to see if its really worth the extra $130 when it comes to gaming
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  1. b0wl said:
    Trying to see if its really worth the extra $130 when it comes to gaming

    When it comes to gaming, it's not worth it. For other applications (video editing, modeling, etc) it is worth it.
  2. Since most games are more dependent on the graphics card, I don't think it's worth it either.
  3. I used to own the FX 6350 and then i switched to the 3570k. Going from one to the other was very noticeable in gaming. The FX had alot of framerate drops in certain places, It would run like magic for a bit then when you hit a CPU intensive area you see a bit of stutter.

    With my new board and cpu it never happens. My new i5 handles every aspect of every game with total fluidity. Also Crysis wouldn't run on my AMD build and apparently that's a problem many people have had.
  4. Hell no, the i7 is not worth it. Here's a gaming chart from Battlefield 4. It should set you straight:

    As you can see, it doesn't even really bottleneck the mighty GTX Titan with an average frame rate of 60 and minimum of 49. Seeing as the even MORE powerful i7-3930K is only 4fps faster at minimum and 8fps faster on average, one could expect an average fps increase of maybe 4 and minimum fps increase of maybe 2 on the i7-3770K. You tell me, is that worth a price difference so large that you could buy an FX-8350 and an FX-6300 and still have $10 left over? I sure don't think so.
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