Looking for Windows 7 ultimate but having difficulties

Hi, I got a build finished (BIOS up and running and temps are A-ok). However I am having difficulties looking for the ultimate edition of windows 7, I have looked about 18 shops in total (not counting asking for my friends/family to look). My local PC shop suggested using Windows 8 but I need it for work and I heard from my friend that Windows 8 seems to be not suited for that except for gaming.

Can anyone tell me where I can find a online shop selling legal copies of Windows 7 ultimate, the Windows Store via Microsoft seems to be offering Window 8 only.
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    here is a link to Win7 Ultima

    Win7 Pro and Win8 Pro should work too for connecting to domains
  2. You can try in Amazon store and purchase online here:
  3. My cousin got a SEA edition of the Windows 7 Ultimate and is sending it to me via postal service. I googled and found that the SEA edition can only be activated in south east asia but my country's there so there's no problem. Thanks for the help.
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