GIGABYTE geforce gtx 760 windforce 3x OC vs MSI geforce gtx 660ti PE OC????

i am in a dilemma between these 2. the 660ti has won so many awards and has many positive reviews. but for about 40dollars more, the 760 is also a powerhouse GPU. i really need help to decide between these 2
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  1. Buy the 760 if you can afford it. The gigabyte windforce is friggen awesome and I love mine :D. Buy the best GPU you can afford as a rule.
  2. will the 760 be ale to run bf4 at ultra?
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    To be honest, I do not know. The beta has performance issues and no one really knows why. Either the 3GB vram req is legit, or drivers/optimization are not there yet. I would say at the least you will run BF4 at high with that card and probably ultra > 30fps. If you are really concerned wait until release and look at benchmarks. It is worth the wait for the best performance/deal you can get.
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