ASUS M5a99FX R.2.0 Fast boot option in UEFI BIOS?

So, I was looking around my bios to get a sense of what is what, and I came across the some thing called "Fast boot" in the Boot menu.
It was disabled. It had a brief and useless desciption so I have no idea what it actually does.
Google has been no use for me, and I am hoping oine of you will know what it is.

My boot drive is a Kingston V300 120GB SSD, with a WD Blue 1tb Storage Drive.
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    Fast boot takes away the splash screen logo and makes the PC load about 5 seconds faster.

    1. Use it if you want the fastest possible load time.

    2. Don't use it if you go into your bios a lot because hitting del or f2 fast enough when it zips by is a pain.
  2. fast boot skips all the redundant checks the bios typically does on boot. generally you can keep it on with no harm, and lots of speed on your loadup...
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